Wrong Role

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Dear Dr. Darcy:

I’m big on role-playing. I’ve done it for years. I recently took my playing to a new level insomuch as I’ve begun posing as a lesbian on an online dating site. I never expected it to go past fantasy but I’ve fallen in love with this woman and I believe she’s fallen in love with me. I’m at a point where we need to meet. How should I handle this?  


Hear me loud and clear: What you’re doing is not role-play. It’s deceitful – and it’s wrong. Role-play involves the consent of both participants. The woman who you’re communicating with doesn’t know you’re a man (I’m using the term man loosely). She’s a lesbian. Do you think she can be converted to heterosexuality? Do you think identifying as a lesbian came easily to her?  Let me assure you that she struggled. And let me also assure you that you’re not converting her.

You need to tell this woman what you’ve done. And rest assured, I’m going to ask my followers and fellow bloggers to share this post in the hopes that the poor soul who you duped may read this. After all, if I could rely on you to do the right thing, we wouldn’t be having this conversation to begin with.

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