The Vaginal Orgasm

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Dear Dr. Darcy:

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two months and I still can’t make her come during sex. I’m getting worried that this will become a deal breaker. I’ve heard that not all women have orgasms during sex (penetration). Do you think it’s a problem that she only comes during oral sex?


You’re asking a lesbian if she thinks it’s problematic that your girlfriend only orgasms during oral sex. Really?

Dude, stop watching porn for sex education. 75% of women do NOT have vaginal orgasms. Furthermore, research suggest that in the majority of cases in which women do report having an orgasm during intercourse, it’s a result of clitoral stimulation – not the penis or prowess of her male partner.

If anything becomes a deal breaker in your relationship, it’s likely to be the emphasis on goal-oriented sex. Enjoy your woman. Stop focusing on what you’re unable to achieve and be grateful for what you can.

Writer’s Stats: Male, Straight.