The Secret of Attraction

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Welcome to Format Free Friday, when I break the format of answering your questions and I dispense that which we rarely welcome in life: Unsolicited Advice.

OK, we’ve all heard the claims that if you can change your thought and act as though what you wish were true really is true, you’ll begin putting out the vibrational frequency necessary to attract it into your life. Now if you’ve ever tried doing that, you may have walked away disappointed when you didn’t actually attract what you wanted. That’s because the above-referenced explanation leaves out a KEY step, without which the power of attraction doesn’t work.

You cannot change your vibrational frequency by changing your thought alone. Your thought, when in alignment, should literally change how you feel which in turn changes your vibrational frequency and will cause you to attract and become attracted to that which is in alignment with your thought. So the missing piece is that the thought needs to change how you feel, and once you feel differently, the power of attraction begins to work.

Too many people decide to change their thoughts, like adopting a mantra, and nothing new happens. This is because the thought doesn’t turn them on. It doesn’t get them excited. It doesn’t change their emotional state – and without a shift in emotion, nothing new will come your way.

If your new thought doesn’t evoke a feeling of excitement, find a thought that does. A shift in vibrational frequency, which is what the law of attraction is based on, requires a powerful thought ~ one that changes how you feel. If your new thought isn’t changing how you feel, it’s not correctly aligned with you.

So today, ask yourself this question: If Dr. Darcy had a magic wand and could make any dream possible, what would my dream be. Stay quiet and focus  on how you’re feeling. Look for an emotional shift. If you don’t feel one, move on to dream #2, and 3, until you feel that shift. And when you do, that’s the thought I want you to play with, fantasize about and obsessively imagine for the next 30 days.