Stop Sabotaging: 5 Things I NEVER Say To Myself Anymore

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Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips, the one day a week when I break the format of answering your questions and I dispense useful, actionable and empowering tips!

Today I want to talk about your internal dialogue, specifically, those things you say to yourself throughout the day that are not aligned with who you want to be, what you want to accomplish or what kind of life you want to have.

We all have these statements that play in loop in our minds throughout the day. Maybe they’re excuses, maybe they’re criticisms, but whatever they are, they are stopping you from living your true life.  Here are 5 statements that I’ve literally removed from my vocabulary over the last several years which used to wreak havoc with my life:

1. I Don’t Have Enough Time.Since I’ve stopped saying this, I find that I’m calmer and that amazingly, I have enough time.

2. I Can’t Afford It. I believe, with every fiber of my being, in The Law of Attraction, and I’m telling you, from the moment I stopped saying this (both out loud and to myself) I have had enough money. Before that, I lived in a state of scarcity.

3. It Doesn’t Matter If I’m Late. Turns out, it does, and my patients were the driving force behind me changing that. Today, if I’m 5 minutes late for an appointment, it’s noticeable because I don’t roll like that anymore.

4. Steph Will Do It. The problem with tasking out to my wife is that I create an expectation. Now, I do it myself and something amazing has happened: She volunteers of her own volition to do more for me.

5. I’ll Do It Later. OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, the truth is that I’m still working on this one. But today, instead of focusing on avoiding the task and avoiding discomfort, I try to focus on how good I’ll feel about myself when it’s complete and I use my desire to feel good to fuel my ability to push past my procrastination.

What about you? What statements do you say to yourself throughout the day that sabotage the life you want to have?

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