Silly Things Straight Girls Do

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Dear Dr. Darcy:

About a month ago, I had a 3-way with a friend and a guy. My friend is bisexual and ever since that night, she's been acting weird around me. I'm worried she's developed feelings for me. I had a great time with her that night, but I'm definitely straight and could never imagine having a relationship with a woman. How can I clear the air with her and pick up our friendship where we left off before we hooked up that night?


You can't. Congratulations. You likely sabotaged the relationship.

I have no problem with 3-ways, 4-ways or any way you want to have sex as long as it involves consenting adults and no one gets hurt. With that said, your impulsive (I'm being generous here) decision to have sex with a bisexual friend was thoughtless at best - selfish at worst.

The minute you cross that boundary and sleep with a friend, particularly a female friend (read: females bond through sex), you enter a world of grey that there’s no returning from. If you needed to have a sexually adventurous evening, the other female should have been a stranger – not a close friend.

Good luck sorting this out. You’re basically every bisexual and lesbian’s worst nightmare. Let this be a cautionary tale to my LGBT’s: Stop sleeping with your straight friends. Being straight means they don’t want a relationship with you.

Writer’s Stats: Female, Straight.