Risking Rejection, The Sequel

Dear Dr. Darcy,

I really would like to thank you for the encouraging reply, at least it made me feel better and made me have the guts to talk to her…

Is it wise to talk to her knowing that we broke up because I suspected that she’s cheating on me and I was 80% sure of that but couldn’t catch her in act, and [despite] that, I still love her after all that time but am not sure if I can keep the trust and as you know trust is the base of any relationship....


Well now you went and put your question in context.  Trash my previous response (pasted below).

No, it’s not even remotely wise to reach out to an ex who you believe cheated on you.  And no, you don’t need to find his head between her legs to confirm that something fucked up went on. Trust your gut.

I think your issue boils down to experience.  You’re young, you need to date some more to learn how to tune into your instincts.  Dial up your pride and do not try and rekindle a relationship that has no foundation of trust.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  And it will annihilate your self-esteem.

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