Princess Charming

I’m a lesbian and in a very good relationship.  The only problem is that when I call her out on something she did that upset me, she immediately apologizes for it and does whatever it is I asked her to do differently, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.  I’m worried that she avoids communication.


Re-read your first sentence.  Now re-read it again.  One last time now.

Not only do you have a very good relationship, but your girlfriend is open to hearing criticism and responds by meeting your needs, so she’s not a repeat offender, but someone who applies your feedback without any resistance.  I’m breathing.

Sometimes, fellow lesbian, we can talk something to death, like perhaps, our relationship.  I understand the propensity to speak ad nauseam.  I am a shrink married to a shrink.  We can analyze an apple to death.  But as a very wise teacher once told me, “Darcy, sometimes an apple is just an apple, and it’s ok to leave it alone.” Today I pass this wisdom on to you.  So what does this mean?

It means, shut up.  Leave it alone.  Don’t lesbian this to death.  You don’t have communication difficulties – you have a fabulous girlfriend who does what you want.  Do you want to discuss why she does things to upset you?  I’ll tell you why:  She’s human.  And moreover, what’s annoying to you won’t be annoying to her next girlfriend, so count your blessings and stop looking for trouble.  And if you absolutely must lament beyond her apology and corrected behavior, for the love of God, spare her and call a friend.  There are hundreds of women who would KILL for your girlfriend!