One Lucky Lesbian

Dear Dr. Darcy:

I think I have some questions but they are all personal. I hope you’re not offended by them.

  1. Are you an angry lesbian who hates men?
  2. Do you ever miss men?
  3. Who loves you and how do you know?
  4. Why do you think you were born?
  5. Are you happy?



And just when I was becoming worried that my format might be getting old…Sure, I’ll answer your questions, weird as they are:

Are you an angry lesbian who hates men?

I don’t hate any group, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t, generally speaking, prefer the company of women to men.

Do you ever miss men?

Between my wife’s hockey team and my ex boyfriends, I actually have more men in my life than I do women. There is no lack of testosterone in my world, so no, I don’t miss men.  I love my boys.


Who loves you?

My wife.  My mother.  My sisters.  My niece.  My nephew. Hmm. Other ‘family’ members who I’ll list by initial: JN, RW, RR, EW. Friends who I’ll list by initials: AL, JM, SSF, ES, RA, MJ, LGB, KML, SMB, HB, RR, DF, JD. I have a few other friends who I think will love me in the future.  Love takes time to grow, particularly in platonic relationships.  So I keep fertilizing my relationships, investing time and thought, knowing that in the final analysis, we’ll judge our lives by how fulfilling our relationships were.


Why do you think you were born?

Gay as this sounds, I think I was born to help people.  I think my experiences in life, particularly those that were unpleasant and painful, have fostered in me a drive to ensure that the people who I come in contact with have better experiences and can learn from mine.


Are you happy?

Did you see the list of people who love me? Who wouldn’t be happy with that list? Sometimes I am so fucking happy that I think I might explode out of my skin. I am one lucky lesbian, and I know it.

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