Just Do It

Dear Darcy: Can you give me tips on how I can reach my goal? I am 24 yrs old and a registered nurse. I started working 2 months ago so as to save money for medical school. I know I've got the will, and I know how to achieve it, however, I feel astray sometimes. Especially when I think about how much it will cost me;  money and time.



You haven’t articulated what your problem is:  Is it procrastination? Is it that you don’t know what the process is for applying to med school? Or is it that you don’t know how to break down a large task into smaller, actionable steps?  Let me rule out possibility #2, because if you don’t have the research skills to determine what the process for applying to med school is, you shouldn’t bother applying because you’ll never succeed.

The biggest problem that I can see is that you’re too busy looking at the amount of money and time it will take.    Who does that?  I’ll tell you who:  People who never achieve great things in life.  Girlfriend, if I pondered how difficult big moves in my life would be, I never would have attempted half the crazy shit I’ve done.  You’re too busy looking at the process instead of at your shiny goal.  Here’s how I, someone who barely graduated high school, thought throughout the process of getting my PhD:

Step 1: (Action) Apply to 1 school.  (Thought) Don’t tell anyone, that way I don’t have to tell anyone if I get rejected.  It would be beyond hot to be a Dr.

Step 2: (Action) Commit to attend 1 semester.  (Thought) They must have made a mistake by accepting me.  Whatever.  Let’s see if I can last a semester.  I can’t fathom being a Dr., but Christ it would be hot.

Step 3: (Action) Commit to doing the coursework.  (Thought) It’s only 2 years. At the end of it, I can always call myself PhD, abd [all but dissertation].  I can’t believe I might be a Dr.!  So hot!

Step 4: (Action) Commit to doing my dissertation proposal.  (Thought) It’s really just a long research paper.  How hard can that be?  And besides, I might just surprise myself and become a Dr.!

Step 5: (Action)  Complete dissertation.  (Thought) I’ve got this.  The end is in sight and fuck me if I’m not gonna get my PhD!

That’s how I rolled through my PhD.  At every step, I pondered just that step.  I made it seem easier than it was.  And I reminded myself that I wanted to be a Dr.   And for the record, those letters still turn me on, I still think it’s hot, and given that it’s been 5+ years, I don’t see it cooling off any time soon.

Stop thinking of how much money it will cost and how much time it will take.  Just apply!  Think of what it will feel like to be a PHYSICIAN.  Keep the end goal in sight at all times, and just take it step by step.  You’ve got this.

Writer’s Stats: Female, Bisexual.