I Don’t Even Know What To Call This

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Dear Dr. Darcy:

Is my therapist being inappropriate or is he just being nice?

I was saying how I wanted to lose weight and he asked if I was fishing for compliments cause I knew I had a nice figure. Then told me not to take it the wrong way but the only thing big on me was my chest which was nice. Once he said that he wanted to hold me to make me feel safe but he wouldn't because it would be "weird" and another time I said all guys wanted was sex and he said not him that he had to much respect for me and I said plus your married so that wouldn't be right and he said people do stuff that isn't right all the time that isn't my main reason my main reason is respect for you. So I'm wondering if he was just being nice because he thinks I have low self-esteem or something or he's just being unprofessional and inappropriate?


Dear God: Please shelter me from the quacks in my profession - let them never rub off on me. Love, Darcy.

Your therapist is inappropriate. Extremely inappropriate.  You need to find a new one – preferably a female, given your experience with this one.  I won’t even dignify his remarks by going through each one to point out why they are inappropriate. Your gut told you something was off and you were right. Good for you.

Email me for names of therapists. Darcy@AskDrDarcy.com

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