He Hearts Lesbians

Hi.  I’m a straight male who loves lesbians, and not in the stereotypical hetero-creep way.  I’ve lived in NYC my entire life and have always attracted and become friends with lesbians.  Anyway, many of my friends and family don’t believe that I’m straight.  They think I’m gay because I’m always around lesbians.  Do you have any advice?


Are you asking for guidance on how to convince your friends and family that you’re straight?  How about dating a woman?  That might work.

Look, you’re a boy who likes girls who likes girls.  Nothing wrong with that.  And you’re in good company.

The beauty of the straight male – lesbian relationship is that there isn’t the sexual tension that one might expect in a platonic, opposite sex, heterosexual friendship (how many qualifiers can we fit into one sentence?).  You’re not trying to seduce your lesbian friends, which probably frees you up to be a bit more real.

We need more men like you to befriend us.  So if you see me out & about, you’re officially welcome to say hello.  I’ll be happy to be your friend, LesBro.