Groupon Boy

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Dear Dr. Darcy:

My girlfriends think my standards for men are way too high and they think that’s why I’m still single. I don’t think I’m too picky – I just think there are some serious losers in this world and for some reason I’m a magnet for them. Here’s an example:

Last week I went out on a blind date. He takes me to a nice restaurant and when the check comes he looks at it for seriously no less than 5 minutes. He then sends the check back because they overcharged us by $4.00 and when the corrected bill comes, he whips out his credit card and a Groupon. Did I mention that I frequent this restaurant all the time?! I nearly died of embarrassment as I walked out the door and mouthed, “I’m sorry” to the waiter. Do you think I’m being too picky? Should I have made a second date with this guy?


No. A second date was not necessary with Groupon Boy.

Men, I’m presuming that the majority of you intuitively know how blithely stupid this man’s behavior was ~ particularly for a first date.  Was it worth looking cheap to save $4.00? Do you think this guy realized that using his Groupon made his restaurant selection look less like a choice and more like he gravitated towards the clearance rack?

This guy’s got issues, that’s for sure. Whether he’s simply socially inept or his behavior is more indicative of major money issues, you were right to cut your losses after the first date. You saw everything you needed to see.

Writer’s Stats: Female, Straight.