Game Gone Wrong

Dr. Darcy, I've been an idiot. Help. 

I met a woman and we got on really well, had a connection and then I told her I met another woman who then became my girlfriend, purely to make her jealous. 

I now realize I don't want the game playing anymore. I just want her. However, being the idiot that I am, I didn't think this through. I can't tell her I fabricated having a girlfriend or she will think I'm pathetic (I'm aware you probably think this too) but if I tell her that the fake girlfriend and I broke up she will think I'm just using her as a rebound. Either way I'm screwed….

Is there any way to salvage something with this woman without telling her the whole truth? She's very special to me and I regret playing with her emotions.


You took the concept of ‘game’ and committed a foul. The idea behind having game is to create excitement through uncertainty – not to pull yourself out of the race. You could have implied that there were other people interested in you by delaying your response to her texts, or you could have upped the intrigue by feigning plans for a few weekends. But instead, you made yourself unavailable. Still, this isn’t irrevocable.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the right solution. Tell her you’ve broken up with your fake girlfriend. Then lay low for a few months so there’s a buffer between the breakup and the beginning of courting Ms. Right. Delayed gratification is the hallmark of adulthood. Consider it your punishment for being bad.  

Gender & Orientation: Male, Straight.