Failure To Disclose


I just learned that my live-in girlfriend is separated from a husband that I didn’t know she had. She never mentioned this man and given the fact that this hasn't affected our relationship, I'm inclined to let bygones be bygones. She's with me now, he doesn't have her and she says that they’re very close to being divorced. My friends, however, seem to have a huge issue with this.


What hyper-sensitive friends you have... Are you kidding me? Regardless, you're clearly kidding yourself. Do you realize that you couldn't bring yourself to reference your girlfriend as married? She is, in fact, married + if you think it hasn't effected your relationship, you're deluding yourself. This woman lied to you in perhaps the most deceptive of ways throughout your entire relationship. I can't help but wonder what else she's lied about. Why would you subject yourself to this sort of treatment? Your friends apparently hold you in higher regard than you hold yourself. I think you need to find yourself a good couple's therapist or hit the road, sans married girlfriend. And opting for the later of the two options does not bypass your need of therapy…Give me a call if you need a referral.