Creepy Counselor

Dear Dr. Darcy:

I have a moral dilemma. I dated this guy years ago who worked at a day camp and was accused of dating some of the CIT’s [counselors in training] and was fired for that reason.  The CIT’s at the camp were as young as 15 and he was in his early 20’s. Anyway, I just saw on Facebook that he was hired at an all girls school and I’m obviously concerned about the wellbeing of his soon-to-be students. Should I contact the school that just hired him and tell them or should I mind my own business?


This is your business. I don’t know how he was fired for having sexual relations with under age girls without the police being involved but that seems to be the missing piece and since you know the story, it is your moral obligation to inform his new employer of his past.

I want to clarify something: He was not dating these girls: He was taking advantage of the age disparity between them. He was having sexually intimate encounters with children who were not old enough to consent to those encounters.  Had the police been involved and had it been confirmed that he did what he was accused of doing, he would have been labeled a sex offender. Had that happened it would have solved a plethora of issues, namely this one, because he would never have been able to get a job in a school.

So to reiterate, I strongly urge you to contact the school where you’re ex douche was just hired to warn them that at the very least, they’re about to expose their students to a perv and possibly a sexual predator.

Writer’s Stats: Female, Straight.