Are YOU our Unicorn?

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Calling All Tribe Members!

Our team is seeking three very special Unicorns!

  • Virtual Team Assistant
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Digital Project Manager

As always, we turn first to our tribe because you understand our mission: To bring relationship skills to everyone who wants them, regardless of geographic location.

If you’re a self-motivated individual with a passion for changing lives and crushing goals -   KEEP READING.

Virtual Team Assistant

(“virtual” as in, you can live anywhere! Not to imply that you’re not an actual assistant!) Our new Virtual Team Assistant will be a very organized person (emphasis on ‘very) who loves to create new systems to make things flow better. Extra credit if you have mild OCD.

Are you a problem-solver? Like, so much that your friends often don’t want to tell you their problems because you won’t stop thinking through them until you’ve found a solution? Perfect! Let’s redirect those problem-solving skills where they’re needed - with our team!

If this sounds like you, you’re probably great at finding work-around solutions, and you likely view being told ‘no’ as being code for find another way.  Bonus points if you can see around corners and anticipate problems before they happen.

We’re therapists. We like to communicate. So, our new Team Assistant should be a rapid responder to emails, even if only to say that you’ll read in detail later. This magical person can also articulate themself well, and understands that others aren’t mind readers. Basically, if you are someone who can communicate in a very clear, blunt, respectful way and have social intelligence - we want to meet you!

Please be focused. Steph and I already have ADHD, so please don’t have our brain. This position is flexible in hours, with just a few mandatory weekly meetings. The most important hours are 12:00 - 8:00 pm ET. (or a variation within). If this is you, please email with your resume, and which Unicorn role you would like to apply for.

Social Media Marketing (NYC-based)

We are looking for an individual to manage social media on 3 platforms: IG, Twitter and FB.

Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Taking photos on a daily basis (please live in NYC).

  2. Developing/writing on-brand content to post.

  3. Designing all posts.

  4. Managing posts when they publish.

  5. Capitalizing on daily opportunities to convert our followers to subscribers to our mailing list.

  6. Creating and maintaining a publishing schedule.

  7. Consistently researching and remaining abreast of best engagement practices on each of the above-mentioned platforms.  

You’ll carry out your daily responsibilities while remaining mindful of our brand voice, aesthetic and mission, ensuring there is a coherent through line in all our posts & across all our platforms.

Please be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies / social media trends,  and have experience managing social media for a brand. If this is you, please email with your resume, and which Unicorn role you would like to apply for.

Digital Project Manager

We are roughly 5 months out from launching our online course which happens once a year. We need a project manager to create a timeline for the launch, identify dates by when milestones need to be accomplished, and ensure the execution of the tasks required to reach those milestones and ultimately, our launch deadline.

Please be a natural problem solver (to the point that your friends hate telling you about their problems because you always try to fix them), likable, able to motivate team members, have an eye for detail and standards so high that people sometimes wonder if you have OCD.

Ultimately, your job is to ensure that we are hitting goals by due dates and ensuring that we are never in a launch crises. If you do nothing beyond those two things, you’ll succeed.

Bonus Points for experience with: Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, Ambition Ally, Wordpress, and SquareSpace. If this is you, please email with your resume, and which Unicorn role you would like to apply for.

So in conclusion - We are a team of caring, supportive, mentally healthy individuals who are looking to add to our tribe. Our goal is to improve the lives of those around us by teaching and spreading Relationship Skills. Our new team members will be optimistic and hopeful in helping us achieve that goal, and will actively display that on an ongoing basis through a self-motivated curiosity and willingness to learn new things.

If you (somehow) made it all the way through this email and feel inspired to help carry out our mission, please email with your resume, and which Unicorn role you would like to apply for.

Please also feel free to forward this to a friend who you think might be right for our team!