Success Leaves Clues

Welcome to Format Free Friday, when I break the format of answering your questions and I dispense that which we rarely welcome in life: Unsolicited Advice.

Today, a close friend and participant in my Goals Bootcamp program sent me this photo, and it blew my mind. Why? Because it encapsulates the basic tenets of that entire program – and it does it in a single sentence.

You want change in your life but you don’t want to have to change your daily habits. If you pause and think about this for a minute, you’ll realize that it’s 100% true and that it’s also 100% insane. You can’t have a different life unless you begin living your life differently. You can’t save more money without making new spending decisions on a daily basis. You can’t lose that weight without making new food choices and making new exercise choices – daily.

Regardless of what you want to change, you have to start living life the way someone who has what you want lives her life. So if you want to become a better dancer, find the best dancer in your class and ask him how often he takes class, who’s class he takes, and how often he trains on his own time – then replicate it. If you want to build a new business, find an entrepreneur who is successful and pick her brain. Ask her to lunch and then interrogate her with questions about how she built her empire. Take notes. And then do what she did.

Success leaves clues. Look around you and begin living your life the way successful people do. To all my fellow Americans, Happy 4th of July.