2 Brides? Not Teen Vogue.

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Happy Fashion Week New York!  I just got back from Rachel Antonoff’s Spring 2013 fashion show, grateful that the weather still feels like spring and contemplating how far into fall I’ll be able to wear the amazing pieces I just bought, rule-breaker that I tend to be.  But as much as I heart Rachel Antonoff, I am not blogging to gush over her fresh, innovative talent.

I’m blogging out of disbelief over something I overheard at her show… There I was with my wife, the two of us thrilled to be supporting our longtime friend (I’ve known Rachel since she was 15), inwardly kvelling (Yiddish for beaming) as someone from Teen Vogue asked Rachel to gather some models for a quick picture, when Rachel turned to the man and said, “I should get the other bride.” to which the man from Teen Vogue replied, “Two brides?  Not Teen Vogue.”

Yes, as shocking as it may sound, Rachel Antonoff, a young, hip New York fashion designer had two bride-models at her show.  Horrifying.  Well, according to Teen Vogue it is. The picture of the two brides never happened, but it caused me to ponder, “Why aren’t two brides Teen Vogue?”  And FYI, the guy from Teen Vogue who made that statement appeared to be gay himself, which really confused me.  What self-respecting gay person would work for a company that has a no 2 brides policy? Maybe it would have been better received if it had been 2 grooms.  I’ll suggest that to Rachel for Fall 2013.