Ms. Trust

Q: Dear Dr. Darcy:
When you suffer an unexpected betrayal at the hands of someone you loved and trusted very much -- so much so that you've had to cut off all contact in order to save your sanity -- who is it that you should remember as you try to process and mourn the loss (in this case, a best friend as well as a LTR)? Is it the wonderful person you thought you knew? Or the one who destroyed you on their way out the door? The good memories seem to be permanently tainted by the bad ones.

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Make A Move


Dear Dr. Darcy
I've been seeing this woman who's older than me for the last 7 months. We've never done anything and we haven't even kissed. She's never been with a woman but she's been with men which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. She waits for me to make the first move but I don't know how to treat her cause I've never been with an older woman before. I really want to ask her out and finally make a move but should I talk to her first (I'm not a good talker) or just kiss her which I think would make things easier? 


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Are YOU our Unicorn?

Are YOU our Unicorn?

Our team is seeking three very special Unicorns!

  • Virtual Team Assistant
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Digital Project Manager

As always, we turn first to our tribe because you understand our mission: To bring relationship skills to everyone who wants them, regardless of geographic location.

If you’re a self-motivated individual with a passion for changing lives and crushing goals -   KEEP READING!

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