7 Ways Texting Can Kill A Relationship

Texting is a necessary part of life – particularly in our personal lives.

As a therapist, I love the transparency that texting provides me. Gone are the days when I used to rely on a client’s ability to accurately retell a conversation of what transpired outside of session. Texting, for me, is the equivalent of going directly to the videotape.

Not a day goes by without someone thrusting their phone in my face, saying, “Can you believe this?!”

I can believe it, because I’ve seen it all.

In fact, I’ve seen so many texting faux pas that today I offer you the 7 Most Common Text Mistakes I see people make which cause their conversations (and often, their relationships) to implode.

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7 Questions to Ask on A First Date

7 Questions to Ask on A First Date

When it comes to relationships, what you don’t know can in fact hurt you.

You know this. Your relationship history has taught you this. If you’d known [insert your ex’s negative trait here] at the beginning of that relationship, you’d have gotten out a hell of a lot sooner.

The thing is, you only get the answers to the questions you’re willing to ask, and when it comes to first dates (or the first several dates), people pussy out of asking the tough questions.

My ability to spot the end of a friend’s relationship by the friend’s third date has become so reliable that I have to physically restrain myself from rolling my eyes (or from blurting out, Hey, coming attractions: This one’s gonna crash and burn inside of six months) when I hear the stories containing the warning signs...

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